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!!! Latest stable release
!!!d3web KnowWE Releases
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The latest stable release can always be downloaded at SourceForge:
__[Download (SourceForge)|]__
Here you can download and get information about the different d3web KnowWE Releases. We recommend using the nightly build with the most recent features and fixes or one of the recent point releases, in case there are (unlikely) issues with the nightly build.\\
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!!!d3web/KnowWE Releases so far
! Attention:
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|| Release Date || Name || Changes || Comment
| 2013-04-26 | __MacGyver__ | __d3web__\\* Adding old values to the TimeDB: It is now possible to add values to the TimeDB, that are old than the current time of the TimeDB.\\* Default values: Since it is now possible to add old values to the TimeDB, there can also be values older than the init values. Init values are therefore now default values that are only valid as long as there are no values set before or exactly at session start.\\* writeOn property: Die writeOn-Property erlaubt festzulegen, dass bestimmte Variablen auch dann in die TimeDB geschrieben werden, wenn sie sich selbst nicht geändert haben.\\* Terminating propagation of a Session__: The propagation of a Session can now be terminated. This is useful for example in \\* CondRegex: New Condition for QuestionText allowing to used regulare expressions.\\__KnowWE__\\* TestCase prefixes: It is now possible to define TestCases as a prefix of other TestCases. In the player they can be run as one TestCase and also can be downloaded as one TestCase.\\* TestCasePlayer improvements:\\** Currently selected TestCases can be downloaded as SequentialTestCases in the TestCasePlayer.\\** Columns of the player can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on the header and by using the respective tools.\\** Collapsed checks no longer use multiple lines in the table, which allows for a much more compact few.\\** Improved scroll behavior while removing and adding variables to the current TestCase in the player.\\** TestCases that were triggered to run a lot of time consuming steps can now be properly aborted (red square).\\* Reimplementation of EditMode: The new implementation is much more stable and no longer interferes with JSPWiki markups.\\* Improvements to ObjectInfoPage: The ObjectInfoPage now has a new Search field allowing to quickly navigate to other terms. Also the Look&Feel was refined.\\* Loop-Detection: Loops in the reasoning of knowledge bases are now properly detected by KnowWE. If a loop occurs during execution, the execution is terminated with an appropriate message.\\* Markups for new CondRegex: It is now possible to used CondRegex in markups like %%Rule. Example: IF Question = /valueregex/ THEN...\\* Table-Plugin: Added the external JSPWiki TablePlugin to the default configuration of KnowWE (see [] for more infos)\\* Performance: Improvements for compilation of formulas. Wikis with a high amount of formulas should experience a significant acceleration of saving changes in the knowledge base. |  
| 2012-10-30 | __Mystique__ | __d3web__\\* Functions to handle dates in formula expressions\\* Continuous integration and testing framework plus app\\__KnowWE__\\* Manual routing of DiaFlux edges\\* New markup Abstraction Table\\* New edit mode\\* New edit features (hotkeys, moving lines, better undo/redo...)\\* PDF-Version of knowledge base downloadable in wiki\\* Significantly improved full parse (compile) time of articles\\* Again significantly shortened KnowWE startup time | Winter Release
| 2012-04-30 | __Sherlock__ | __d3web__\\* Solution are now usable in formulas.\\* Improved choice support in formulas.\\* Added default purge behavior for time database.\\* Added known function for formulas.\\__KnowWE__\\* Added markups for test cases of various formats.\\* Added player allowing to execute test cases and check their conditions.\\* Terminology objects in formulas are now fully integrated (e.g. highlighting, renaming, case-warnings, ...)\\* Markups provide help pages in menu.\\* Added various documentation pages.\\* Easier packaging for knowledge bases.\\* Instant edit for tables and test cases.\\* Trail/bread crumps cleaned up.\\* Added new functions to todo plugin (e.g. closing and moving of finished todos).\\* Significantly shortened KnowWE startup time. | Spring Release
| 2011-12-20 | __Leeloo__ | __d3web__\\* New formula predicates to compute the percentage (between 0-1) of the time a specified history has been greater, equal, etc. than the specified value: percentEqual, percentGe, percentGt, percentIn, percentLe, percentLt, percentUnequal.\\* Faster reasoning due to kernel optimizations.\\__KnowWE__\\* denkbares Skin brings new look and feel but also enhanced usability (e.g. scroll behavior of the LeftMenu).\\* Instant edit for authoring knowledge directly in the view mode of the Wiki.\\* DiaFlux does not store the preview in the wiki article anymore, but renders the graph directly.\\* Improved display of complex formulas in DiaFlux.\\* ImageMaps to define clickable areas in image questions (supported by denkbares dialog).\\* Ability to define UNKNOWN as init value for questions.\\* Improvements to rendering and error handling while defining properties.\\* Wrapping of long object names in QuickInterview.\\* Support for state-of-the-art browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.\\* ShowSolutions Panel: Filter solutions to display in the panel (by explicitly defining shown solutions or by excluding solutions to show in the panel).\\* Continuous integration plugin improved and polished interface.\\* Alpha version of new continuous integration test: Unsynchronized condition question checks, whether a value of a question was conditioned and assigned without having a snapshot between. | Winter Release
| 2011-05-06 | __Q__ | __d3web__\\* Faster reasoning due to refactoring of the blackboard architecture.\\* DiaFlux: Improved version of the DiaFlux problem-solver.\\* Improvement of test coverage and code analysis results.\\* Small API changes for a better access to the terminology and the problem-solving knowledge.\\* New API for test case analysis of problem-solving sessions (see EmpiricalTesting).\\__KnowWE__\\* KnowledgeBase tag: Names of downloaded knowledge base can be specified in advance.\\* ShowSolutions tag: Restrict presented abstractions and define the number of digits for displayed numerical questions. \\* ObjectInfo: You can click on the definition of terminology objects in order to open an object info page: Here references, definitions, and further information of this object is shown.\\* DiaFlux: Much improved editor for creating and editing DiaFlux models, better editing possibilities and new icons. A renderer highlights the current flow in the view mode of the article, when a problem-solving session is executed. \\* Continuous integration (still beta): New CI damon designed for placement in left menu. Some extensions of tests. | Spring Release
| 2010-12-15 | __Moneypenny__ | __d3web__\\* Version of a temporal database storing and reasoning with sequential system inputs.\\* DiaFlux engine for representing and running procedural guideline knowledge.\\* Properties for terminological objects refactored: For instance, now it is very simple to internationalize knowledge bases.\\__KnowWE__\\* A knowledge base is now created by defining packages of knowledge elements. Simply annotate markups with packages and compile them into one knowledge base. See documentation and demos for further details.\\* Changed the default article storage to a version provider: Now, old versions of wiki articles are also stored (see directory OLD in the wikicontent directory).\\* Introduced user "admin"/"admin" as administrator of the wiki (can delete and rename pages, please change password when deploying into productive use).\\* Version of markups to define time-values events and abstractions.\\* New solutions panel: The ShowSolutions markup shows derived solutions and abstractions in a configurable manner.\\* Refactored input possibilities and style for the QuickInterview.\\* Property markup to attach (localized) properties to terminological objects.\\* Experimental plugin to perform continuous integration on d3web knowledge bases (see: car fault diagnosis demo).\\* denkbares Dialog (commercial plugin) syncs with the problem-solving session of KnowWE (and thus with QuickI). | Beta
| 2010-09-09 | __Hancock__ | __d3web__\\ * New problem-solving engines can be added using the new plug-in architecture.\\* Offers problem-solving methods for heuristic scoring rules, extensible covering models, abstraction rules, and indication rules.\\* Loading and storing performed problem-solving sessions.\\* Empirical testing testing feature that runs test cases to evaluate a knowledge base.\\* (Experimental) version of a temporal database storing and reasoning with sequential system inputs.\\* (Experimental) DiaFlux engine for representing and running guideline knowledge \\__KnowWE__\\* Extensions for defining knowledge bases using rule-based and set-covering knowledge.\\* Plugin for running test cases within the wiki.\\* (Experimental) version of markups to define time-values events and abstractions.\\* denkbares Dialog for running test cases interactively (as preview). | Preview
* For d3web KnowWE version 11 (and newer), you need a Java SE Development Kit (JDK) instead of the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE). Also, you need the environment variable JAVA_HOME pointing to the installation of the JDK. Make sure your __JDK version is 14__ or newer.
* By downloading und using any of the packages listed below, __you agree to all licenses listed [here|Licenses d3web KnowWE].__
* KnowWE contains the free-to-use [runtime|] of [GraphDB-Free|]. Please check out links and [license|] for more information.
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!! Latest Releases and Builds
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|| Release Date || Download
| last night | [12.6-SNAPSHOT|]
| 2021-02-18 | [12.5|]
| 2020-09-02 | [12.4|]
| 2020-06-15 | [12.3|]
| 2020-02-27 | [12.2|]
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How to install and getting started with KnowWE: [KnowWE Tutorial|Tutorial].
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!! Archive
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Here you can download legacy releases. We since changed our release cycle and pipeline, so we recommend the more up to date builds releases above.\\
Click release names to see the release notes for more information about the changes and features. Click the version number for a download of that version.
Please be aware of compatibility information provided in the release notes, if you are upgrading with an existing wiki.
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|| Release Date || Name || Download
| 2016-08-09 | __[Watney|Watney - Release Notes]__ | [11.0|]
| 2015-04-30 | __[Alice|Alice - Release Notes]__ | [10.1|]
| 2014-06-25 | __[Inspector Gadget|Inspector Gadget - Release Notes]__ | [9.0|]
| 2013-10-29 | __[Hit-Girl|Hit-Girl - Release Notes]__ | [8.1|]
| 2013-04-26 | __[MacGyver|MacGyver - Release Notes]__ | [7.0|]
| 2012-10-30 | __[Mystique|Mystique - Release Notes]__ | [6.0|]
| 2012-04-30 | __[Sherlock|Sherlock - Release Notes]__ | 5.0
| 2011-12-20 | __[Leeloo|Leeloo - Release Notes]__ | 4.0
| 2011-05-06 | __[Q|Q - Release Notes]__ | 3.0
| 2010-12-15 | __[Moneypenny|Moneypenny - Release Notes]__ | Beta
| 2010-09-09 | __[Hancock|Hancock - Release Notes]__ | Preview
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d3web's open source code can now be found (and cloned) on GitHub:
* [d3web-Runtime|]
* [d3web-KnowWE|]
Since version 11, the sources are also contained in the downloadable distribution zips.
!!!d3web Mobile-App (deprecated)
The [Mobile-App] has no release cycle like ''d3web-KnowWE'', but we will provide versions compatible with the current ''d3web KnowWE'' release. While ''d3web KnowWE'' is platform independent, the ''Mobile-App'' is not. So please be sure to use the correct download.\\
* 64Bit: [Download (SourceForge)|]
* 32Bit: [Download (SourceForge)|]
!Mac OSX
* 64Bit: [Download (SourceForge)|]
Downloaded software not working as expected? Write us in the [Forum|] or to our [mailing list|]
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The releases linked on this page are licensed under [LGPL|].\\
The releases linked on this page are licensed under [LGPL|]. \\
The downloadable packages contain various dependencies, that may come with their own licences, listed [here|Licenses d3web KnowWE].\\