API Documentation


Javadocs are available in the downloadable distributions since version Watney, also in the nightly builds. Download and extract the distribution zip file and navigate to d3web or KnowWE folder and there, extract the file doc.zip. Open doc/index.html in the web browser of your choice.

Package Structure#

d3web defines the general package structure as follows:


The core consists of non-optional classes, whereas plugins includes optional classes. A plugin usually spans over multiple components.

For example, the package structure of the XCL problem-solver:


Knowledge Representation: de.d3web.core.knowledge#

All classes of the knowledge representation are included in this package. For instance, the definition of solutions and questions.

Knowledge Base Persistence: de.d3web.core.io#

Inference: de.d3web.core.inference#

Session: de.d3web.core.session#

All classes that manage the interactive problem-solving sessions by running cases. Administration of flyweight terminology objects and case management.

Persistent Session Representation: de.d3web.core.records#

All classes for the case representation.

Session Persistence: de.d3web.core.records.io#