!!! Car Diagnosis

[{Image src='VW_Golf6.jpg' width='300' height='212' align='right' style='border: solid 1px; margin-right:30px' caption='VW Golf 6 (from Wikipedia)'}]

This demo knowledge base covers some exemplary faults of a car. Each fault is represented with text and its corresponding knowledge on a single wiki article: 

* [Damaged idle speed system|Demo - DamagedIdleSpeedSystem]
* [Leaking air intake system|Demo - LeakingAirIntakeSystem]
* [Clogged air filter|Demo - CloggedAirFilter]
* [Bad ignition timing|Demo - BadIgnitionTiming]
* [Flat battery|Demo - FlatBattery]

The common terminology of the knowledge base is defined in a single wiki article:

* [Terminology|Demo - Terminology]

All knowledge defined above is compiled in a so-called master article.
The master article provides means of testing the knowledge base, downloading an executable version, etc.

*  [Master Knowledge Base|Demo - Master]


* [Continuous integration|Demo - Continuous Integration]
* [Test cases|Demo - Test Cases]

Demo Car Diagnosis