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The ExpectedSparqlResult markup allows to define an expected result set for some sparql query. Then the CI-Test SparqlResultTable (see Doc CIDashboard) can be used to test a query against an expected result set.

%% ExpectedSparqlResult...

After the SPARQL statement the following annotations can be inserted:

Annotation Description
@name Assignes a name to this ExpectedSparqlResult markup expression. The name can/should be used as reference for the test object in the definition of the corresponding SparqlResultTable test in the CI-Dashboard .
@sparql The name of the sparql query that should be testet against this result set.


The expected result set is defined as a table. The columns are matched to the sequence of the variables of the associated sparql query. Here, the sparql query named functionalProperties is associated.


@name: functionalPropertiesExpected
@sparql: functionalProperties