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The {{%%InlineSparql }} can be used to show the information or the number of lines of a [SPARQL|Doc SPARQL] inline in any non-markup text in KnowWE (e.g. enumerations, lists, paragraphs) without producing its own render block. 

!!! Example

Add the following markup in your text: 

%%InlineSparql myInlineSparql %%

By doing so, the [SPARQL|Doc SPARQL] with the name "myInlineSparql" is shown in the text.

!!Add row and line seperators

If the [SPARQL|Doc SPARQL] is a table, the rows and lines are seperated by a ";". You can also add different seperators for rows and lines.

%%InlineSparql myInlineSparql  @separator: "- " @rowSeparator: ", " %%

Now the lines are seperated by "- " and the rows by ", ".

!!Count the lines

You can also count the lines of a [SPARQL|Doc SPARQL] instead of illustrating the information of it. 
It works like this:

%%InlineSparql myInlineSparql @count: true %%

If you set count to false, then it's the same as not adding the annotation.

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