The KnowledgeBase markup defines the core point for each ontology. Defining a knowledg base without this markup is not possible.


The syntax of the KnowledgeBase markup is defined as follows

  doc knowledge base	    	    	    //name of the knowledgebase
  @id:doc_knowledge_base 	    	    //machine readable name of the knowledgebase
  @author: Max Mustermann	    	    //author of the knowledgebase
  @affiliation: Mustermann GmbH	    	    //affiliation of the author
  @filename: docKnowledgeBase.d3web 	    //filename for the downloadable knowledge base file
  @version: 1.0	    	    	    	    //version of the knowledebase
  @status: beta	    	    	    	    //status of the knowledgebase
  @uses: doc_package	    	    	    //packages used by the knowledgebase 

As one can see above, several annotations can be added to the Knowledgebase markup:

  • name: name of the knowledge base is the only annotation which is not optional.
  • @id: id of the knowledge base, normally the name in machine readable code
  • @author: author of the knowledgebase
  • @affiliation: affiliation of the author
  • @filename: filename for the downloadable knowledge base file
  • @version: version of the knowledebase
  • @status: status of the knowledgebase
  • @uses: packages used by the knowledgebase

The markup, as defined above, will look like this:

On the left side the visualization of the markup is shown. On the right hand side the automtically generated menu is expanded. It gives the ability to

  • run an interview
  • edit the knowledge base markup
  • refresh (rebuild) the knowledge base,
  • download the binary file of the knowledge base
  • download a QR code for the knowledge base, encoding the URL of the download link
  • download a PDF of the knowledge base
  • link to the help page for the KnowledgeBase markup, i.e. link to this page.