!!! LinkArticles

The LinkArticles markup creates a list of links with all articles which use a given package, markup or title.


The syntax of the LinkArticles markup is defined as follows 

@package: package-name		// adds article which use the mentioned package to the list
@titles: "article-title-regex"	// adds articles with a title that maches the given regex to the list
@markup: "markup-name"		// adds articles which contain the markup with the given name to the list
@template: prefix link.replace("target","replacement")\\
						// modifies the presentation of the links, while
						// prefix is optional and adds a prefix to each link,
						// .replace also is optional and replaces the
						// target String with the replacement in each link
						// two backslashes at the end will create a line break
						// after each link
@exclude: "regex"		// exclude all links which match this regex

All annotations are optional, but at least one package-, titles- or markup-annotation is needed to be able to create a list.

The annotations packages, titles, markup and exclude can be used multiple times to add additional articles to the list.


@package demo
@template: * link.replace("Demo -","")
@exclude: Demo - Master