Doc Overview

This page provides some introductory material for using KnowWE. The Semantic Wiki KnowWE builds on the open-source wiki engine JSPWiki, extended by the core libraries of d3web and semantic extensions of the KnowWE project. Therefore, many JSPWiki markups can be directly used in KnowWE.

First steps#

Knowledge Engineering with KnowWE#

A knowledge base is defined by a collection of knowledge elements. These elements can be distributed across the wiki by placing them on different articles. For each knowledge element, we need to define its corresponding package, i.e., a tag that describes its affiliation.

Defining your Knowledge#

You may declare a new knowledge base by specifying the used packages, that should be included into this knowledge base. For the creation of the knowledge base all knowledge elements of the specified packages are picked and included. Detailed descriptions on the definition of knowledge base elements are provided as following:

Execute your Knowledge#

The created knowledge base can be tested directly in the wiki. For this you can use the inline quick interview or a user-driven simple click-dialog. Alternatively you may download the knowledge base as a separate file to run on Android or in a stand-alone application.

Test your Knowledge#

There exists a bunch of functionalities to test your knowledge during the development. Some tests may be executed manually as required, but you can also define them to be running automatically in the background every time a change is applied to the wiki. In this case, you can specify a signal in the left menu of the wiki to indicate the current quality status.

Development of Ontologies#

KnowWE allows to define ontologies in RDF(S) directly within the Wiki using the following markups:

Markups for Visualization of Ontologies:

Also, a number of proprietary markups have been introduced in the past:

Other helpful markups#

Depending on your use case you may find the following commercial extension helpful: