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!! Compiling Packages

Besides using the knowledge base tag, there is now another way to build master articles and knowledge bases in KnowWE. You can simply add different sections of different articles to a certain package and afterwards compile all the sections added to this package in an article of your choice, e.g. a master article.

It is important to notice, that - in general - we __do not recommend__ to use the Compile markup. Instead, you typically should organize your knowledge base with the KnowledgeBase markup.

! How to add a section to package

For now, it is possible to add DefaultMarkup to a package.\\
If you want to add a Section with DefaultMarkup to a package, you simply need to add the annotation 'package', together with the name of the package at the end of the Section.

- Question [oc]
-- answer
-- another answer

@package: examplepackage

! How to compile a package

To compile all the Sections of a package, you simply have to add the following line to the article, in which you want to compile it.

{{{%%Compile examplepackage

You can also compile multiple packages in one article, either by adding multiple compile flags to the article or by adding multiple packages to one compile flag.

{{{%%Compile examplepackage1, examplepackage2, examplepackage3

Every string of word-characters with a length of at least one is considered a package for this line. Also the characters '-' and '_' are valid in packages.

All sections marked with this package names then will be compiled in this article.

! Deactivating autocompile

__Note:__ Autocompile is deactivated by default.

You can deactivate autocompile inside the KnowWE_config (KnowWE-core/src/main/resources/KnowWE_config.properties) by setting packages.autocompile to false. If you do this, nothing will be compiled inside the wiki, except where it is specificly requested via the compile flag. This leads to a very fast server start, if you, for example, only compile some packages on one master article. All the local knowledge bases on the different articles will not be created.\\
If you however want to create a local knowledge base for some articles inside the wiki, you can always use the compile flag. You don't even have to add all the Sections in your article to a package to compile it locally, inside the article you can just use the article's name to compile.\\
So if there would be anything inside this article to compile and I would want to compile it, although autocompile is deactivated, I would add the following flag:
{{{%%Compile HowToDefineAndCompilepackages

! Some things to note:
* The article name only works as a package inside the article with this name.
* OWL-Statements are excluded from the package-mechanics and will be compiled by default as always.
* packages are case sensitive

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