Definition #

The solutions (diagnoses), the knowledge base has to recognize, are defined by the
%%Solution ...
tag. For a larger number of solutions, it is advisable to describe a hierarchic structure. The number of hyphens at the beginning of each line corresponds with the hierarchic depth of the following solution.

Syntax #

Mechanical Problem 
- Damaged idle speed system 
- Leaking air intake system 
- Clogged air filter
- Bad ignition timing 
Electronics Problem 
- Flat battery 
- Defect ABS 
Other Problem

The example above shows three upper solutions (Mechanical Problem, Electronics Problem and Other Problem). The first two are further specialized hierarchically into more refined solutions (Damaged idle speed system, Leaking air intake system, ...). These are indented by one hyphen. Upper solutions, as for instance Mechanical Problem, are often also called problem area.