!!! How to select DOM elements?
If you search a certain DOM elements you can use the javascript build-in functions like 'getElementById' or 'getElementByTagNames'. KnowWE offers for this task its own DOM element selector. The selector is use like the build-in function but offers more complex selection to the user.

__ For example__:

_KS('#KnowWEObjectTypeBrowser input[type=button]')
Returns a list containing all input buttons within the ‘KnowWEObjectTypeBrowser’ DOM element.
_KS('div .panel')
Returns a list with elements of type DIV and that have the class attribute ‘panel’.

!!Syntax of the selector function
The following list shows the Syntax of the selector. (_KS = KNOWWE.helper.selector)

_KS( #id )                returns all elements with id=id
_KS( tag )                returns all elements with tag=tag
_KS( #id tag )            returns all elements with tag=tag within the element with id=id
_KS( tag .class )         returns an array with all elements that agree in tag and class properties
_KS( input[type=submit] ) returns all submit input elements
_KS( input[type] )        returns all input elements with the specified type attribute
_KS( [type] )             returns all elements with the specified type attribute
_KS( [type=submit] )      returns all elements with the given attribute  

The selector allows not only the search for a given ID or TAG. It also supports the search for attributes with given class name or attribute. 

!! How to construct the selector string?
How the selector string looks like depends on what are you searching. The following list gives you an overview how each kind of element has to be declared.
* __ID__s: For a simple ID search enter the ID with ‘#’ as prefix e.g. ‘#rename-panel’;
* __TAG__s: Tags are searched with their names, so just enter the name of the tag e.g. ‘table’;
* __CLASS__: Just enter the name of the class prefixed with a dot e.g. ‘.panel’. In order to speed up this search should be combined with a TAG or an ID. If so, only elements within the TAG or ID element in the DOM are taken for the class attribute search.

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