!!!How to develop Javascript in KnowWE at runtime
Having to restart and rebuild KnowWE after every minor change when developing Javascript (or CSS) can be very time-consuming. There is a simple way to be able to develop without restarting.

!!Step by step:
*In your IDE, navigate to: 

*In this folder you find the relevant .js files (if they were integrated into the plugin properly before)
*Right click the file you wish to edit and select 
{{{Open with System Editor}}}
*To edit the file with your system's default editor
{{{Open with Text Editor}}}
*To edit the file with Eclipse's built-in plain text editor.

__Note__: CSS files are located in \\


%%(color: red)
When finished editing or before you restart KnowWE, you __have to copy and paste the file's content into the respective file in your plugin project!__
If you don't, the file you edited will be __replaced with the old file from your plugin__.

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