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!!! KnowWE

KnowWE is a semantic wiki that provides the possibility to define and maintain ontologies together with strong problem-solving knowledge.
Ontologies can be formulated using the RDF(S) or OWL standard: RDF(S) can be included by using the turtle markup, whereas the markup for OWL uses the Manchester syntax.
Additionally, KnowWE provides markups for the formalization of the strong problem-solving methods of [d3web-Core].
This includes 
* Decision trees
* Scoring and abstraction rules
* Decision tables
* Flowchart knowledge with DiaFlux models
* Set-covering models

KnowWE offers a toolset for the entire knowledge engineering life cycle including 
* Testing and visually debugging knowledge bases
* Refactoring of knowledge bases, e.g., rename question, rename solution, etc.
* Evaluation of knowledge bases including the analysis of knowledge bases for anomalies
* Continuous integration of knowledge by knowledge builds

Since, KnowWE provides a sophisticated plugin architecture, most of the features are included as plugins. 
New plugins can be easily introduced; see the developer [How-Tos] for more details.

!!! System Requirements
Technically, KnowWE builds on the development of the wiki [JSPWiki|http://www.jspwiki.org].

The installation of KnowWE requires the Java Platform, Standard Edition JDK 6 of better.\\
For operating systems, the distribution runs with MS-Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6 or
We officially support Firefox 3.6 or higher and Google Chrome. Currently, the Internet Explorer is not officially supported.\\