!!! d3web - The Open-Source Diagnostic Platform 


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d3web introduces the open-source diagnostic platform, being able to apply different problem solving methodologies at the same time. The d3web platform contains a set of [applications and modules|Products] for [developing knowledge|KnowWE], [testing knowledge|Testing-App] and finally [applying the knowledge|Mobile-App] onto a given problem situation. It is based on a highly efficient, multi-language [diagnostic engine|D3web-Core], used in a [wide range of industrial, governmental and non-commercial projects|Success Stories].

!! Platform Overview

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The d3web diagnostic platform consists of some basic applications that can be used to develop and execute knowledge bases:
* [KnowWE]: Knowledge Wiki Environment, to develop and test your own knowledge bases
* [d3web-Mobile|Mobile-App]: A stand-alone application to easily run a knowledge base (Win, Mac, Linux)
* [droid3web|Droid3web-App]: An Android application to run any d3web knowledge base on a smartphone

!! Quick Start
On these pages you will find a lot more of interesting things for diagnostics. An excellent point to start are the [Success Stories] and the [screencasts section|Tutorial]. \\
To obtain a first impression of d3web, you may also consult the [knowledge base examples | Demos]. There you will get a good overview of the capabilities of the d3web platform.\\ __Enjoy!__

Image credits: Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup licensed CC-BY-SA 2.0; Daniel Stockman licensed CC-BY-SA 2.0