DiaFlux is a Plugin for d3web and is also supported with Markups for KnowWE.
DiaFlux is used to define reasoning flows.

The following projects are relevant for this module.

  SELECT ?Plugin WHERE {
      ?Plugin lns:partOf lns:DiaFlux .
  ORDER BY ?Plugin

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def DiaFlux
> DiaFlux type:: Module
def d3web-Plugin-DiaFlux
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Anomalies
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Coverage
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-CoverageCity
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Refactoring
def KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Review
> d3web-Plugin-DiaFlux partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Anomalies partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Coverage partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-CoverageCity partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Refactoring partOf:: DiaFlux
> KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux-Review partOf:: DiaFlux