This is a basic demo about how to use and compile multiple packages into the same knowledge base. The basic scenario is described [here|Doc Package#Using multiple Packages for the same knowledge base or ontology]. The common package {{lifeExpectancy}} and more specifics for this demo are described [here|Multi-Package Demo].
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!Defining the package

As mentioned, we add this page to the package {{japan}}

%%Package japan

!Adding knowledge

First we define the current life expectancy in japan using the {{~%~%Constant}} markup.

"Life expectancy in Japan" = 87

Let's calculate our remaining life expectancy based on our age using the {{~%~%Variable}} markup.

"Years to life according to life expectancy" = "Life expectancy in Japan" - Age

!Compiling and testing the resulting knowledge base

Here we define the knowledge base using/compiling two of our three packages:

Life expectancy calculator (Japan)

@uses: lifeExpectancy
@uses: japan

!Quick Interview

If not specified otherwise (by using the @package annotation), the {{ ~%~%QuickInterview }} markup will show the content of the first knowledge base, which uses/compiles the package of this page, in this case package {{japan}}.