Q - Release Notes

Version: 3.0 Q (Release 2011-05-06)#

d3web is an extensible Java API for running knowledge-based systems. The Semantic Wiki KnowWE builds on the engine d3web and offers the web-based and distributed development of knowledge bases.

This distribution comes with the following files:

Release Notes.pdf This document.
Licenses.pdf License information of the d3web and KnowWE systems and all external libraries.
Please find the license texts in the directory license_texts.
Quickstart_d3web A first steps installation readme for using the d3web libraries
Quickstart_KnowWE.pdf A first steps manual for installing and starting KnowWE
d3web Folder containing the binaries (libraries), the sources, and the JavaDoc information of d3web
KnowWE Folder containing an installation archive (zip) as binary, the sources, and the JavaDoc information of KnowWE
quality_report Folder containing all files of the quality assessment report for this release. It contains the test protocols of the system tests (based on Fitnesse and the manual system tests), a summary of the integration tests, and a detailed analysis of the unit tests and the static code analysis.

System Requirements#

Installation of d3web/KnowWE requires the Java Platform, Standard Edition JDK 6 Update 21 or better. For operating systems, the distribution runs with MS-Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6. Linux is not officially supported. We officially support Firefox 3.6 or better but most parts are also working with Google Chrome. Please note, that we do not officially support Internet Explorer at the moment.

What's New#

The release includes the following notable features:



Fixed Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at https://tickets.denkbares.com.

ID Product Short description Resolution
18  d3web Internationalization of terminological knowledge base objects FIXED
32  d3web TerminologyObject.getKnowledgeStore() FIXED
33  d3web Remove deprecated knowledge component Num2Choice from d3web core FIXED
52  d3web Replace PSMethodShared with Properties FIXED
120  d3web Revise list of PSMethods in DefaultSession FIXED
135  d3web Rename "TestSuite" to "TestCase" in d3web-EmpiricalTesting FIXED
159  d3web Init-PSMethod does not use correct session time when setting the initial values FIXED
176  d3web Assertion Exception caused by propagation refactoring FIXED
194  d3web Empirical tester does not properly handle MC questions FIXED
68  KnowWE Match IDObjects in all markups case insensitive: warn if case differs FIXED
82  KnowWE %%Rule markup does not support exception conditions FIXED
91  KnowWE [QuickI] Cannot answer multiple num. questions FIXED
94  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Sometimes Flowchart DialogRendering has to be manually reloaded FIXED
116  KnowWE Delete convenience methods in KnowWEParameter-Map INVALID
128  KnowWE [QuickI] Layout is broken when using DefaultMarkup to embedd it INVALID
140  KnowWE Inconsistent Coloring for d3web-Objects FIXED
147  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Editor does not show questionnaire if master article name contains "&" FIXED
148  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Apple's "command"-key is not recognized in DiaFlux editor WORKSFORME
149  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Preview does not reflect changes in knowledge base FIXED
150  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Reloading page required after flowchart editing FIXED
153  KnowWE Incremental parsing issue on Question markup FIXED
155  KnowWE Link value is chopped in property definition due to unintended recognition of a comment FIXED
156  KnowWE [Rule] Rule actions to set negative numbers are not working FIXED
158  KnowWE [Variable] Quotes are (incorrectly) truncated when a formula begins and ends with an " quote. FIXED
160  KnowWE Code completion inserts wrong quotes FIXED
168  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Newly created edges should have no label when the source is not a decision node. FIXED
171  KnowWE [Rule] Temporal sub-conditions are rendered as links in the view mode FIXED
172  KnowWE [DiaFlux] "%%DiaFlux %" leads to defect wiki markup when creating a flowchart FIXED
175  KnowWE Session differs between KnowWE and Denkbares-Dialog FIXED
180  KnowWE [Rule] Commenting-out a rule is ignored by KnowWE FIXED
182  KnowWE A question name starting with '#' breaks the ObjectInfoPage FIXED
183  KnowWE ShowSolutions panel can restrict shown abstractions to specified questionnaires FIXED
187  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Terminology objects with malicious names break editor FIXED
188  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Tooltip not shown when node is selected WONTFIX
190  KnowWE KnowWE startup produces erroneous knowledge base FIXED
195  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Flowchart's object tree not working for question containing a "/" character FIXED
196  KnowWE [Rule] Wrong order of non-terminal conditions during parsing FIXED
201  KnowWE Edit mode unveils ugly plugin errors FIXED
202  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Abstraction node prevents editing of actions with special chars FIXED
204  KnowWE Property markup: Long description texts FIXED
205  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Content of some nodes dissapear after saving another Flowchart. FIXED
208  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Abstraction nodes break when containing special characters FIXED
209  KnowWE [Question] Questionnaires with special characters cause parsing problems FIXED
214  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Bottom right resizing triangle in DiaFlux edit panel weirdly collapses/expands panel at click WONTFIX

Known Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at https://tickets.denkbares.com.

IDProductSeverityTitleRelease Comment
104  KnowWE Average problem Malicious HTML code in wiki pages/requests For relevant KnowWE applications we recommend to secure the wiki server by htaccess controls and to provide user authentication.
132  KnowWE Average problem KnowWE / d3web session identifies the users by their IP adresses This issue may be a problem when users behind a proxy use KnowWE.
117  KnowWE Lightweight problem URIDecoding of request parameters is done twice: once by Tomcat and once in KnowWEParameterMap For the currently deployed plugins this issue is resolved by workarounds. In further releases this problem should be fixed in a fundamental manner.
141  KnowWE minor Wrong resolution of case-sensitive article names At the moment users should be aware of the case-sensitiveness when opening articles by entering the URL directly in the browser.
142  KnowWE minor Packages and articles cannot share the same name Workaround: Simply choose a package name that you do not need to use as a name for an article.
146  KnowWE minor [Chrome] Arrows/guards layout issues in DiaFlux after reload Chrome is not officially supported in Q. Furthermore, the issue is almost non-existent in many cases.
152  KnowWE minor Deleting attachments of an article can yield broken page view This is still an open issue with JSPWiki. Workaround: In the rare cases you have to delete the attachment folder in the respective wikicontent directory on your server. Sometimes restarting KnowWE also helps.
215  KnowWE minor [Chrome] Erroneous rendering of "My prefs" button in Chrome This problem does not affect the functional part of the knowledge engineering task.
108  KnowWE minor Page rename yields compile errors when the renamed page defines the knowledge base Workaround: In these rare cases simply restart KnowWE.
81  KnowWE minor ReRenderSectionMarkerRenderer should support "external" wiki pages For the Q release no primary plugins are affected by this issue.
212  KnowWE trivial [DiaFlux] Start and Exit nodes do not allow certain special characters Workaround: Please try to avoid special characters for names of Start/Exit nodes until the bugfix.
213  KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] DiaFlux edit panel does not work with IE9 We do not officially support the Internet Explorer for the release Q.
136  KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] DefaultMarkup-ToolMenu is "shifted" We do not officially support the Internet Explorer for the release Q.
138  KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] Rendering output lacks a lot of line breaks We do not officially support the Internet Explorer for the release Q.
161  KnowWE trivial KnowWE startup causes 'INVALID SECTIONIZING' exception This warning does not affect the expected knowledge engineering behavior.
177  KnowWE trivial Semantic Annotation Markup renders error "intermediateOWLObject not found" in any case In current knowledge base development, the semantic extensions are not used.
197  KnowWE trivial "Same TermDefinition"-warnings at KnowWE startup This warning does not affect the correct behavior of the knowledge engineering task.
193  KnowWE trivial "New" buttons are not syned in QuickI and denkbares Dialog Workaround: When using both dialog interfaces and when trying to clear the current session, then please use the "New" button of the denkbares dialog.

Delivered Open-Source Projects #

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-EmpiricalTesting Validation of knowledge bases using test cases release
d3web-GlobalTests A summarizing project for integration tests combining different projects and components, respectively. beta
d3web-Kernel Knowledge representation, basic problem-solvers, session management, default dialog control X release
d3web-Persistence XML knowledge base storage (archived as Jar) X release
d3web-Plugin-BasicProperties Definition of properties for terminology objects using the plugin.xml file X release
d3web-Plugin-CostBenefit Implementation of a dialog strategy (indication of questions) based on a cost-benefit principle. beta
d3web-Plugin-DiaFlux Reasoning problem-solver for the DiaFlux language. X release
d3web-Plugin-Kernel-ExtensionPoints The extension possibilities of the d3web kernel defined in the plugin.xml file. X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-Basic see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-Basic see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-XCL The set-covering model reasoning engine implemented as problem-solver plugin for the d3web Kernel. beta
d3web-PluginManager Basic management for connecting plugins to the d3web kernel x release
d3web-SessionPersistence IO components for loading and saving standard cases (i.e. sessions) X release
KnowWE-App Framework app of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-core Basic engines for parsing and the management of wiki content X release
KnowWE-GlobalTestUtils Small set of classes for testing the KnowWE implementation beta
KnowWE-KDOMParseUtils Utils for internal data structure of KnowWE beta
KnowWE-Plugin-CI4KE Plugin for implementing the continuous integration dashboard and engine of KnowWE beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Core Core plugins and handlers of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-basic The fundamental components to integrate the d3web engine into KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-MarkupSet Standard markup components used by some KnowWE/d3web plugins X release
KnowWE-Plugin-ExtensionPoints All extension possibilities for plugging KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Flowchart Authoring plugin for KnowWE of the DiaFlux language X release
KnowWE-Plugin-JSPWiki-Connector The connector between the parent wiki engine JSPWiki and the extension KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-KBRenderer Plugin for a very preliminary presentation of the knowledge base. beta
KnowWE-Plugin-QuickInterview A plugin to quickly enter a problem-solving session X release
KnowWE-Plugin-SemanticCore Semantic extensions of KnowWE to represent ontologies X beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Tagging Tagging plugin of KnowWE X beta
KnowWE-Plugin-TestCase Entering and using test cases in KnowWE release
KnowWE-Resources Template files for the KnowWE server engine X release


Project Name Corresponds to the name of the Maven project, i.e., the name of the source code project. For simplicity, plugin postfixes are omitted (e.g., *jpf-plugin)
Contents A further description of the contents of this module
QA Under regulation of the project contract. All contracted projects are certainly subject of the quality management system. Non-contracted modules may be subject to changes in the proposed release plan.
State Quality assessment of the project:
no: Not officially included, experimental demo
alpha: Basic functions included, API to be considered as "unstable" documentation partly available/not available mostly untested
beta: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on unit level
release: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on system level (integration tests) internal processes fully applied (issue management, development process)