Tutorial: Getting started#

This tutorial describes how to set up d3Web-KnowWE on your computer:

Tutorial: Printer Problems#

This tutorial describes the development of a knowledge base for solving printer problems:

The knowledge base itself is defined within the tutorial, so it is ready to use.

Developer Screencasts#

Prepare Project#

This screen cast shows how to prepare an IntelliJ IDEA project für d3web-KnowWE on your system:

Check out d3web-KnowWE source code#

This screen cast shows how to check out the sources of d3web-KnowWE from the version control system in IntelliJ IDEA:

Import d3web-KnowWE modules#

This screen cast shows how to import checked out d3web-KnowWE sources as modules in an IntelliJ IDEA project:

TODO: Screencasts

  1. Get Flash-Plugin working again
  2. Create YouTube-Channel d3web
  3. Install and run KnowWE
  4. Use printer fault diagnosis example 2 (use dialog and show reasoning trace)
  5. Change small knowledge piece in knowledge base (e.g. add one question, change DiaFlux path)