How-To Create Your Own Workspace

IntelliJ IDEA#

Please do also take a look at the screencasts that show the set up of an IntelliJ workspace.


First time starting IDEA#

When you first start IDEA you can choose which plugins to enable/disable. Just leave everything enabled to be on the safe side.
After that choose "New Project" and then "Empty Project". Give it a name and hit "Ok".

Import Repositories#

Clone the following git repositories into your project folder

In your IntelliJ project, for each repository, select "File -> New/Module from Existing Sources..." and select the path folder of the repository. When you get asked which module to import, choose "Import Module from external Model/Maven" and hit "Next". Other screens can also be confirmed with the default/next.

Create copy of

KnowWE is based on JSPWiki and therefore needs an to configure some basics. Copy the file KnowWE-App/src/resources/local/WEB-INF/classes/ into the same folder with the same name, but remove the suffix '.default'. For starters, you only need to set a the var.basedir to point to a wikicontent (folder with the wiki pages). If you don't have a wikicontent yet, you can start out with the one provided in the distribution from Downloads#Latest Releases and Builds. In the zip, extract /KnowWE/ to the path you specified as the var.basedir in your

Building and starting KnowWE#

Select Run -> 'Edit Configurations' and add 'Tomcat Server' -> local. Hit configure and choose your tomcat path. In den bottom pane click + and choose 'Build Artifacts'. Select 'KnowWE-App:war exploded'. Click on the 'Deployment' tab and add 'KnowWE-App:war exploded'. Select as Application Context /KnowWE and click on Ok. Build KnowWE by clicking on the green arrow right next to our new tomcat configuration.


At denkbares, we currently don't use eclipse for the development of d3web-KnowWE, but it should work anyway and some users are successfully using it. Here a short guide from Alberto (aarmijo on github):