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!! Quick Interview
A simple test dialog interface can be created by inserting the markup
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[{KnowWEPlugin quickInterview}]
%%ShowSolutions @master: Tutorial Printer Problems
into the same article, where {{KnowledgeBase}} is defined.
The markup will provide an interface for the user:
[{KnowWEPlugin quickInterview}]
%%ShowSolutions @master: Tutorial Printer Problems
!! Interactive Single-Question Dialog (free-to-use)
Additionally, an interactive single-question dialog is available (provided by denkbares GmbH).
Here, only the currently active question is shown that should be answered by the user.
Derived solutions are printed at the end of the dialog session.
The dialog is started by using the tools menu of the {{KnowledgeBase}} markup as shown in the image below.
[{Image src='Printer Problem denkbares Dialog.png' width='800' align='left' caption='Starting the interactive dialog interface.' }]
An example dialog of the interactive interview is depicted in the following screenshot.
[{Image src='Printer Problem denkbares Dialog2.png' width='800' align='left' caption='An example run of the interactive denkbares dialog interface.' }]