This pages gives a brief overview of the existing example knowledge bases.

Body Mass Index
This very simple example of a knowledge base derives the body-mass-index (BMI) of a person based on weight and height. The knowledge base consists of a single article defining a two questions and an easy to understand flow chart.
Car Diagnostics
This demo knowledge base covers some exemplary faults of a car. Each fault is represented with text and its corresponding knowledge on a single wiki article. No flow chart based knowledge representation is used within this knowledge base.
This is a simple knowledge base to demonstrate the gradient of a time-valued temperature value. For incoming values of Temperature the gradient over time is calculated.
DiaFlux Example
This simple example derives solutions according to a given temperature. It explains the graphical workflow authoring plugin for KnowWE called DiaFlux.
Tutorial Printer Problems
This - very well documented - tutorial derives reasons for printer problems with an example knowledge base. The tutorial demonstrates the functionality of KnowWE: stating with the set up of a new knowledge base, formalization of knowledge and finally testing of the knowledge base.
James Dean Ontology Demo
This is a demo for the development of ontologies using KnowWE. We use the example of an ontology textbook describing James Dean and his movies.
Simpsons Ontology
A small demo containing some characters of the Simpsons comic television seriens.
KickAss Ontology Demo
This is a demo for the development of ontologies using KnowWE. We create a simple ontology for movies and their characters and add the movies "KickAss" and "KickAss2" as examples.
Bike Ontology Demo
This is a demo knowledge base that covers some exemplary faults of a bike.

Note: We are happy to receive your own demos!