Creating new article#

Create a link [New Page] in an existing wiki article, that points to a new (not existing) article. When you save the article, the view should show a link to 'New Page'. By clicking on this link, a new article is created.

Modifying an existing article#

Simply go to the article and click the 'Edit' button on the top right. Please note, that sometimes the wiki may require special rights to edit a page, for instance, being logged in as a user or being a user of a particular group. In the default setting, however, everybody can edit every article in the wiki.

Adding/removing attachments#

You can add attachments (e.g., images) to any wiki page. Simply click the 'Attach' button on the top middle of the article and upload the attachment.

You may reference an attached image, for example, by the following markup

[{Image src='image.jpg' 
   width='300' height='212' align='left'
   caption='Your caption text.'}]

Attachments other than images are referenced by linking to them in the following manner:

[Some optional text | PAGE_NAME/NAME_OF_ATTACHMENT]

Attachments can be removed only by users with administrator privileges. Only these will see a delete button in the attachment tab for the corresponding attachments. Please note, that a administrator need to be logged-in before being able to use the delete button.


If someone happens to edit the same page as you at the same time, JSPWiki will prevent you from doing changes and show a conflict page instead. Sorry to say, but the first one to make changes wins...

A word of warning: If you use the Back button of your browser to go into the Edit page, you will almost certainly get a conflict. This is because the browser thinks its still editing an earlier copy of the page.