You can test the knowledge base by running an interview session within the wiki, e.g., by using the QuickInterview plugin. Derived solutions can be displayed by using the ShowSolutions plugin. Please note, that you typically export the knowledge base from the KnowledgeBase plugin for external use.

QuickInterview #

A simple listing of questions that can be answered by clicking on them. The quick interview is generated by inserting the following tag into the wiki page:

 [ {KnowWEPlugin quickInterview}]

Currently, the quick interview needs to be inserted at the same page where the KnowledgeBase tag was inserted.

Solutions Pane#

The solution pane displays derived solutions and abstractions of the current problem-solving session. Please note, that the problem-solving session is reseted, once you have modified the knowledge base. The pane can been configured, so that only specific classes of derivations are displayed.

  @master: <article name>
  @show_established: <true/false>
  @show_suggested: <true/false>
  @show_excluded: <true/false>
  @show_abstractions: <true/false>
  @only_derivations: <terminology object>
  @except_derivations: <terminology object>
  @show_digits: <number>

The particular annotations are defined as follows:

Annotation Mandatory Description
master yes The name of the wiki article, where the knowledge base is defined
show_established optional true/false: Show all established solutions (default: true)
show_suggested optional true/false: Show all suggested solutions (default: false)
show_excluded optional true/false: Show all excluded solutions (default: false)
show_abstractions optional true/false: Show all derived abstraction questions (default: false)
only_derivations optional Specify the name of a terminology object; then, only this terminology object and its successors are shown in the pane, if derived. (you can use only_derivations multiple times)
except_derivations optional Specify the name of a terminology object; then, this terminology object and all of its successors are hidden from the pane (you can use except_derivations multiple times)
show_digits optional Specify an int number that defines the number of fractional digits for displayed abstraction questions with numeric values