Version 8.0: Hit-Girl (Release 2013-10-29)#

d3web is an extensible Java API for running knowledge-based systems. The Semantic Wiki KnowWE builds on the engine d3web and offers the web-based and distributed development of knowledge bases.

System Requirements#

Installation of d3web/KnowWE requires the Java Platform, Standard Edition JDK 6 or higher. For operating systems, the distribution runs with MS-Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6 or higher.
We officially support Firefox 7 or better and Google Chrome 14 or better. Please note, that we do not officially support Internet Explorer at the moment.

What's New#

The release includes the following notable new features:


  • New TimeDB function "duration": Returns the total duration of all entries of a given history.
  • New TimeDB function "filter": Returns a new history with all the values of the given history that do not satisfy the given value or condition (combination of operator and value) being removed.


  • Improvements to DiaFlux:
    • The work area in the editor now automatically adjusts its size.
    • Added Undo & Redo functionality in editor.
    • Editor now uses same hot keys as other KnowWE editors (like ctrl+s to save).
    • Nodes now provide a tool menu with link to ObjectInfoPage and also links to parent flows in start and exit nodes.
    • Improved and stabilized routing of edges.
    • DiaFlux is now compatible with all special characters.
    • Reworked left menu in editor to show elements sorted by the wiki pages they are defined on.
    • Visual improvements to editor and flowcharts.
  • Improvements to ObjectInfoPage:
    • References and definitions are now shown with a little preview of their context on the page.
    • Improved layout and renaming.
    • Compatibility with special characters.
  • Improvements to Table-Edit:
    • Toolbar now stays one screen for large tables.
    • Move columns and rows with alt+arrowkeys.
    • Move marked cells with ctrl+alt+arrowkeys.
    • Copy and paste for multiple marked cells.
  • Improvements to AutoComplete:
    • Autocomplete now also available in Table-Edit, e.g. on the TestCaseTable.
    • More information in Tooltips.
    • Better completion algorithms.
  • KPI-Analysis: Added tool analyse KPIs of a knowledge base.
  • Ontology-Engineering in KnowWE: Besides d3web knowledge, KnowWE now also allows to define and create ontological knowledge (RDFS), which can be downloaded as a rdf file, but also used and displayed in KnowWE using SPARQL queries.
  • Include: Allows to render contents of other wiki pages with a simple markup.
  • General Render Improvements: Reworked a lot of the wiki rendering. Greatly reduced the amount of used HTML and JavaScript code which results in significantly reduced rendering times. Also, rendered pages now conform to the HTML5 standard.
  • Comments/Names for TestCases: Downloaded TestCases now also contain comments or names added in KnowWE.
  • Downloading Multiple TestCases: It is now possible to download all TestCases of a TestCasePlayer as a zip file.
  • Zip-Attachments: KnowWE now allows to reference files or entries in attached zip files in the same way as normal attachments. This way attachments can be uploaded as zip files to save space. Also it is possible to upload many files at once by bundling them inside a zip file.
  • Auto-Completion for Attachments: Markups referencing attached files now allow to auto complete the attached file names.
  • Read-Only-Mode: Administrative tool allowing to set the complete wiki in an read only mode with a single button.
  • Wiki-Download-Tool: Administrative tool allowing to download the complete wiki as a zip file.
  • Fingerprint-Tool: Administrative tool allowing to download a fingerprint of the current wiki. This fingerprint can be checked agains a fingerprint of the wiki in a new software version, to check for compatibility problems.

Fixed Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at

Product ID Title Status
d3web 348 A KB can not be loaded, if the infostore of a DiaFlux model contains a property FIXED
d3web 477 [TestingApp] Option to explicitly write out successful test objects in build result FIXED
d3web 478 Implement tests for new TimeDB function filter FIXED
d3web 479 Implement TimeDB function duration FIXED
d3web 484 STCWrapper unable to handle Unknowns set for QuestionChoice FIXED
d3web 508 [TimeDB] ConcurrentModificationException in TimeDB in multi threaded environments. FIXED
Knowledge Base Book 499 [KBB] Problems with rendering of abstraction table with long variable names FIXED
KnowWE 212 [DiaFlux] Start and Exit nodes do not allow certain special characters FIXED
KnowWE 223 [MobileApplication] Language Selection doesn't work FIXED
KnowWE 261 [QuickInterview] should have order of questionnaire WONTFIX
KnowWE 272 [DiaFlux] Auto complete for formulas FIXED
KnowWE 304 Buttons of diaflux editor misleading FIXED
KnowWE 326 [InstantEdit] Auto-complete not available in InstantEditor for tables FIXED
KnowWE 360 When deleting an attachment, missing page is opened FIXED
KnowWE 361 Improvements to packaging FIXED
KnowWE 411 [Todo] Support for multiple users for Todos should be improved FIXED
KnowWE 448 Add automatic fixes for case warning of terms: "There are different cases for the same term: [question, Question] FIXED
KnowWE 471 Add Table-Plugin to KnowWE by default FIXED
KnowWE 474 AJAX Connection-Error in DenkbaresDialog, if url path does not start with KnowWE FIXED
KnowWE 475 User KnowWE notifications instead of alerts FIXED
KnowWE 480 ArticleHasErrorsTest reports false positives for articles using shared knowledge FIXED
KnowWE 481 Add possibility to enter edit comment when using InstantEdit FIXED
KnowWE 482 PageAppendHandler integration prohibits page-content-enclosing tags using pre- and post-handler FIXED
KnowWE 486 Setting of JAVA_OPTS in catalina scripts overwrites JAVA_OPTS from environment variables FIXED
KnowWE 487 ~has some minor bug FIXED
KnowWE 489 Headline in %%collapsebox no longer optional, causing problems with older wikicontents WONTFIX
KnowWE 490 Change notes for DiaFlux in textarea below flow instead of modal prompt FIXED
KnowWE 492 Implement HTMLChecker for Headless-App FIXED
KnowWE 494 Improvements for TableEditor FIXED
KnowWE 495 [CI] Add download tool to download all TestCases in the TestCasePlayer FIXED
KnowWE 497 [DiaFlux] Existing flowcharts in editor are not sorted FIXED
KnowWE 498 Link to Term references some times not working FIXED
KnowWE 501 Moving lines with alt + up/down does not adjust the scrolling of the textarea FIXED
KnowWE 502 [CI] ConflictingAssignmentTest produces false negative FIXED
KnowWE 503 [DiaFlux] Improve/fix focus handling FIXED
KnowWE 504 [DiaFlux] Textareas and dropdowns for edges often behind other nodes FIXED
KnowWE 505 [DiaFlux] Improve support for solutions in DiaFlux-Editor FIXED
KnowWE 506 [DiaFlux] Duplicate auto completion with multiple knowledge bases FIXED
KnowWE 507 [DiaFlux] Problem with DiaFlux handling MC questions FIXED
KnowWE 509 Remove all @master annotations FIXED
KnowWE 510 IOOB Exception during KnowWE start up FIXED
KnowWE 511 SectionFinder for composed conditions finds boolean operators also inside term names (was: OR_xxx as flowchart name invalid) FIXED
KnowWE 512 Rendering of lists broken FIXED
KnowWE 513 Most instant edit tools missing html encoding for content FIXED
KnowWE 514 [QuickI] Answer of MC can not be set, if its name is the suffix of an already selected answer FIXED
KnowWE 515 Exception while editing JSPWiki groups WONTFIX
KnowWE 518 Rendering of many checks in TestCaseTable rows is bad FIXED
KnowWE 519 Tool menus disappear after rerendering (e.g. highlighting) FIXED
KnowWE 520 Remove delay for tooltips of collapsed columns in TestCasePlayer FIXED
KnowWE 521 KPI-Analysis may conflict with TimeDB purge FIXED

Known Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at

ID Product Severity Title Release Comment
117 KnowWE Lightweight problem URIDecoding of request parameters is done twice: once by Tomcat and once in KnowWEParameterMap For the currently deployed plugins this issue is resolved by workarounds. In further releases this problem should be fixed in a fundamental manner.
138 KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] Rendering output lacks a lot of line breaks Currently we do not officially support the Internet Explorer in KnowWE.
213 KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] DiaFlux edit panel does not work with IE9 Currently we do not officially support the Internet Explorer in KnowWE.
451 KnowWE minor Trying to use triple curly braces in DefaultMarkups destroys these markups Workaround: Please try to avoid triple curly braces inside KnowWE markups.

Delivered Open-Source Projects#

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-EmpiricalTesting Validation of knowledge bases using test cases   release
d3web-GlobalTests A summarizing project for integration tests combining different projects and components, respectively.   release
d3web-Kernel Knowledge representation, basic problem-solvers, session management, default dialog control X release
d3web-Persistence IO component for saving and loading knowledge bases X release
d3web-Plugin-BasicProperties Definition of properties for terminology objects using the plugin.xml file X release
d3web-Plugin-CostBenefit Implementation of a dialog strategy (indication of questions) based on a cost-benefit principle.   release
d3web-Plugin-DiaFlux Reasoning problem-solver for the DiaFlux language X release
d3web-Plugin-Interview Interviews interfaces and form strategies X release
d3web-Plugin-Kernel-ExtensionPoints The extension possibilities of the d3web kernel defined in the plugin.xml file. X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-Basic see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-Basic see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-TestingFramework Framework allowing the continuous execution of tests on knowledge bases and other objects. X release
d3web-Plugin-Tests Contains tests to be run with the TestingFramework X release
d3web-Plugin-XCL The set-covering model reasoning engine implemented as problem-solver plugin for the d3web Kernel.   release
d3web-PluginManager Manages plugins for d3web and KnowWE. X release
d3web-SessionPersistence IO components for loading and saving standard cases (i.e. sessions) X release
d3web-TestCase Components for executing test cases on a d3web knowledge base X release
d3web-Utils Contains a variaty of util classes and tools to be used in d3web and KnowWE   release
KnowWE-App Framework app of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-core Basic engines for parsing and the management of wiki content X release
KnowWE-GlobalTestUtils Small set of classes for testing the KnowWE implementation   beta
KnowWE-KDOMParseUtils Utils for internal data structure of KnowWE   release
KnowWE-Plugin-CI4KE Plugin for implementing the continuous integration dashboard and engine of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-CITestModules-d3web Continuous integration tests for d3web knowledge bases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Core Core plugins and handlers of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-basic The fundamental components to integrate the d3web engine into KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-MarkupSet Standard markup components used by some KnowWE/d3web plugins X release
KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux Authoring plugin for KnowWE of the DiaFlux language X release
KnowWE-Plugin-ExtensionPoints All extension possibilities for plugging KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Include Allows to render contents of other wiki pages with a simple markup   release
KnowWE-Plugin-InstantEdit Plugin to allow fast and easy editing of KnowWE articles   release
KnowWE-Plugin-JSPWiki-Connector The connector between the parent wiki engine JSPWiki and the extension KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-JSPWiki-MarkupSet Allows the interaction of KnowWE plugins with the default JSPWiki-Markup   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-KBRenderer Plugin for easy rendering of the knowledge base content inside KnowWE articles   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Ontology-MarkupSet Provides several markups (e.g. turtle) for the creation of ontological knowledge in KnowWE   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-QuickInterview A plugin to quickly enter a problem-solving session X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Rdf2GoSemanticCore Provides Rdf2Go triple store to KnowWE enabling creation of ontological knowledge   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Table Default markups for tables, also usable by other plugins.   release
KnowWE-Plugin-Tagging Tagging plugin of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-TestCase Markups for entering test cases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-TestCases Executing test cases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Wikicontent-Download Admin-Tool allowing to download the wiki content as a zip file   beta
KnowWE-Resources Template files for the KnowWE server engine X release

Delivered Closed-Source Projects (free to use)#

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-Plugin-ImageMap Allows the annotation of images to be connected with answers of questions   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-AutoComplete A code completion feature for KnowWE markups   release
KnowWE-Plugin-DenkbaresDialog Interactive, web-based interview for running a problem-solving session   release
KnowWE-Plugin-EditMode Special editing mode for KnowWE to allow faster and direct editing an rearranging of the wiki page   release
KnowWE-Plugin-ImageMap see d3web-Plugin-ImageMap   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Todos A simple plugin to manage todos within the wiki X release


Project Name Corresponds to the name of the Maven project, i.e., the name of the source code project. For simplicity, plugin postfixes are omitted (e.g., *jpf-plugin)
Contents A further description of the contents of this module
QA Under regulation of the project contract. All contracted projects are certainly subject of the quality management system. Non-contracted modules may be subject to changes in the proposed release plan.
State Quality assessment of the project:
no: Not officially included, experimental demo
alpha: Basic functions included, API to be considered as "unstable" documentation partly available/not available mostly untested
beta: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on unit level
release: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on system level (integration tests) internal processes fully applied (issue management, development process)

Changes concerning compatibility#

The following sections describe changes of this release, that are of importance to users migrating from previous releases:

d3web #

No relevant changes.


No relevant changes.