Path of Javascript and CSS Files#

The files have to be saved in the library. The path there for Javascript files is


For CSS files its:


Register the Files#

The files have to be registred in the plugin.xml. This happens with a parameter id line. The parameter id line is added to the desired plugin. Plugins with css or javascript files can be for example actions, types, renderer, toolprovider and taghandler.

For Javascript files it looks like:

<parameter id="script" value="javascriptfile.js" />

For CSS files:

<parameter id="css" value="cssfile.css" />


	<extension plugin-id="KnowWEExtensionPoints" point-id="TagHandler"
		<parameter id="class" value="de.knowwe.core.taghandler.ObjectInfoTagHandler" />
		<parameter id="name" value="ObjectInfoTagHandler" />
		<parameter id="description" value="TagHandler ObjectInfoTagHandler" />
		<parameter id="version" value="1.0" />
		<parameter id="priority" value="5" />
		<parameter id="css" value="jqautocomplete.css" />
		<parameter id="script" value="KnowWE-Plugin-Core.js" />