KnowWE is commonly used to develop and maintain a knowledge base. Later, the built knowledge base is deployed and used in the context of a larger application. For this reason, it becomes important to load knowledge bases and run problem-solving sessions without the KnowWE context.

The following notes explain how to develop your own Eclipse project with all plugins required to run a d3web application.

Create your Eclipse Project#

  1. Simply start a new Java project and create (if not already done) a new folder lib.
  2. Copy all d3web jars (including necessary foreign jars) into the lib folder (these jars can be easily accessed from d3web/lib in the current KnowWE Distribution)
  3. Java Project Properties: Project->Build Path->Libraries: Add all jars as Jar libraries to the project

Some Demo Code#

In your own code, you are first required to load the plugins for the knowledge base persistence etc.; this is accomplished by the JPFPluginManager.

private void demo() throws IOException {
    // Initializing the plugins for the persistence 
    // Loading the knowledge base and do some retrieval of solutions and questions
    PersistenceManager persistenceManager = PersistenceManager.getInstance();
    String knowledgeFilename = "/temp/knowledgebase.d3web";
    // Load knowledge base
    KnowledgeBase knowledgeBase = persistenceManager.load(new File(knowledgeFilename ));

    List<Solution> solutions = knowledgeBase.getManager().getSolutions();

    List<Question> questions = knowledgeBase.getManager().getQuestions();

For further code, for instance, how to run a problem-solving session, we refer to How-To Create a Session.