Version: Inspector Gadget (Release June 2014)#

d3web is an extensible Java API for running knowledge-based systems. The Semantic Wiki KnowWE builds on the engine d3web and offers the web-based and distributed development of knowledge bases.

This distribution comes with the following files:

Release Notes.pdf This document.
Licenses.pdf License information of the d3web and KnowWE systems and all external libraries.
Please find the license texts in the directory license_texts.
d3web Quickstart.pdf A first steps installation readme for using the d3web libraries
KnowWE Quickstart.pdf A first steps manual for installing and starting KnowWE
d3web Folder containing the binaries (libraries), the sources, and the JavaDoc information of d3web
KnowWE Folder containing an installation archive (zip) as binary, the sources, and the JavaDoc information of KnowWE
Closed Sources Folder containing password protected closed sources of the TimeDB plugins
Tools Folder containing the tools KnowledgeBaseBook (creates a PDF version of the knowledge base), Testing-App (allows to continuously test knowledge bases) and KnowWE-Headless-App (application to create knowledge bases from wikicontents without using KnowWE in a wiki environment).
Quality Report Folder containing all files of the quality assessment report for this release. It contains the test protocols of the system tests (based on Fitnesse and the manual system tests), a summary of the integration tests, and a detailed analysis of the unit tests and the static code analysis.

System Requirements#

Installation of d3web requires the Java Platform, Standard Edition JRE 6. KnowWE requires JRE version 7. For operating systems, the distribution runs with MS-Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6 or higher.
We officially support Firefox 3.6 or better and Google Chrome 14 or better. Please note, that we do not officially support Internet Explorer at the moment.

What's New#

The release includes the following notable new features:


  • Extension of TestCase XML: TestCases in XML-format (SequentialTestCase) now also allow for findings with regular expression, enabling testing with date questions.


  • New standard Turtle Markup: KnowWEs Turtle Markup is now much more compatible to the official turtle standard and also allows to properly define terms in KnowWE by assigning a rdf:type to the subject.
  • Extension of the Rules-Markup: Rules now also allow to define actions in the ELSE and UNKNOWN case. For more information, see rule documentation (like on
  • New Object Info: Instead of opening a new page to show information on the current object, the information is show in a fast and clean dialog on the current page also allowing to edit the shown information.
  • New Renaming Tool: Renaming can now be done independent of the Object Info directly on the page (similar to renaming in Eclipse).
  • TestCasePlayer Improvements:
    • TestCasePlayer now also shows Names of the checks, if they are given in the TestCase.
    • There is a new status icon showing whether the TestCase has any test failures in the current run (important for multi-page cases).
    • TestCaseTables now support findings with multiple simultaneous choices for multiple choice questions by using multiple columns for the same question.
  • Multi-Window Improvements: To improve working with multiple open windows or tabs of KnowWE, tabs are now quickly refreshed when gaining focus.
  • New Indent Tools/Shortcuts: While selecting multiple lines, pressing Tab, *, #, or - will add this character in front of all selected lines. Shift + Tab removes those characters. Use this to clean indentation or for creating lists and decision trees.
  • Sparql Improvements: Sparql queries in KnowWE now happen asynchronously, are cached (until the ontology changes) and also have an adjustable automatic timeout to not slow down the server with failing queries.
  • Compiler Refactoring: Extensive refactoring and modernization of the compiler architecture of KnowWE, making it more responsive (more concurrency/parallelism) and ready for great features in the future.

Fixed Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at

Product ID Title Status
367  d3web JVM crash in connection with ActionHeuristicPS WORKSFORME
530  d3web Exception occured during problem solving FIXED
533  d3web Fine logging of long messages while propagating FIXED
534  d3web Multi-Threading issue with formatting DateValue DUPLICATE
293  KnowWE Order of TerminologyObjects dependent on article name while using packages FIXED
467  KnowWE Turtle syntax for new ontology markup FIXED
450  KnowWE JSPWikiMarkup is not properly escaped for terms FIXED
468  KnowWE Improvements for %%RenderKDOM FIXED
491  KnowWE Make new tool for LeftMenu allowing to look up object information FIXED
522  KnowWE Turtle markup does not accept commas in quoted literals. FIXED
526  KnowWE Use hrefs for tool menu links (instead of window.location =...) FIXED
536  KnowWE Impossible to add more than one observation variable in TestCasePlayer FIXED
537  KnowWE Page renaming causes exception FIXED
539  KnowWE Inconsistent error messages after editing TurtleMarkup FIXED
542  KnowWE "Cookie-Overflow" on localhost with browsers having "restore session" active FIXED
543  KnowWE KnowWEPlugin listplugins causes rendering exception FIXED
545  KnowWE Extend rules markup: IF -> THEN -> ELSE -> UNKNOWN FIXED
548  KnowWE Dates cannot be checked in TestCase-Player FIXED
550  KnowWE Guest users may edit pages, but policy should prevent this FIXED
551  KnowWE Problems parsing outgoing edges of subflows using "&" in name FIXED
553  KnowWE SPARQL: Comments not supported in query markup FIXED
554  KnowWE Comment-Tool for DefaultMarkup FIXED
438  KnowWE Link to rules / derivation of item FIXED
516  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Navigate to parent not by clicking start/end nodes FIXED
525  KnowWE Problems with multi word questions in guard formulas FIXED
552  KnowWE [DiaFlux] Inconsistency in behavior of flows in context of snapshots FIXED
138  KnowWE [Internet Explorer] Rendering output lacks a lot of line breaks FIXED
117  KnowWE URIDecoding of request parameters is done twice: once by Tomcat and once in KnowWEParameterMap FIXED
535  KnowWE Enable table pagination for term review table FIXED
557  KnowWE PreviewRenderer for TurtleMarkups is (sometimes) broken FIXED

Known Issues#

The IDs of the listed issues correspond to the ticket tracking system available at

ID Product Severity Title Release Comment
213 KnowWE trivial [Internet Explorer] DiaFlux edit panel does not work with IE9 Currently we do not officially support the Internet Explorer in KnowWE.
451 KnowWE minor Trying to use triple curly braces in DefaultMarkups destroys these markups Workaround: Please try to avoid triple curly braces inside KnowWE markups.

Open-Source Projects#

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-EmpiricalTesting Validation of knowledge bases using test cases   release
d3web-GlobalTests A summarizing project for integration tests combining different projects and components, respectively.   release
d3web-Kernel Knowledge representation, basic problem-solvers, session management, default dialog control X release
d3web-Persistence IO component for saving and loading knowledge bases X release
d3web-Plugin-BasicProperties Definition of properties for terminology objects using the plugin.xml file X release
d3web-Plugin-CostBenefit Implementation of a dialog strategy (indication of questions) based on a cost-benefit principle.   release
d3web-Plugin-DiaFlux Reasoning problem-solver for the DiaFlux language X release
d3web-Plugin-Interview Interviews interfaces and form strategies X release
d3web-Plugin-Kernel-ExtensionPoints The extension possibilities of the d3web kernel defined in the plugin.xml file. X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-Basic see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-Persistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-Persistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-Basic see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-SessionPersistence-ExtensionPoints see d3web-SessionPersistence X release
d3web-Plugin-TestingFramework Framework allowing the continuous execution of tests on knowledge bases and other objects. X release
d3web-Plugin-Tests Contains tests to be run with the TestingFramework X release
d3web-Plugin-XCL The set-covering model reasoning engine implemented as problem-solver plugin for the d3web Kernel.   release
d3web-PluginManager Manages plugins for d3web and KnowWE. X release
d3web-SessionPersistence IO components for loading and saving standard cases (i.e. sessions) X release

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-TestCase Components for executing test cases on a d3web knowledge base X release
d3web-Utils Contains a variaty of util classes and tools to be used in d3web and KnowWE   release
KnowWE-App Framework app of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-core Basic engines for parsing and the management of wiki content X release
KnowWE-GlobalTestUtils Small set of classes for testing the KnowWE implementation   beta
KnowWE-KDOMParseUtils Utils for internal data structure of KnowWE   release
KnowWE-Plugin-CI4KE Plugin for implementing the continuous integration dashboard and engine of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-CITestModules-d3web Continuous integration tests for d3web knowledge bases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Core Core plugins and handlers of KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-basic The fundamental components to integrate the d3web engine into KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-d3web-MarkupSet Standard markup components used by some KnowWE/d3web plugins X release
KnowWE-Plugin-DiaFlux Authoring plugin for KnowWE of the DiaFlux language X release
KnowWE-Plugin-ExtensionPoints All extension possibilities for plugging KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Include Allows to render contents of other wiki pages with a simple markup   release
KnowWE-Plugin-InstantEdit Plugin to allow fast and easy editing of KnowWE articles   release
KnowWE-Plugin-JSPWiki-Connector The connector between the parent wiki engine JSPWiki and the extension KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-JSPWiki-MarkupSet Allows the interaction of KnowWE plugins with the default JSPWiki-Markup   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-KBRenderer Plugin for easy rendering of the knowledge base content inside KnowWE articles   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Ontology-MarkupSet Provides several markups (e.g. turtle) for the creation of ontological knowledge in KnowWE   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-QuickInterview A plugin to quickly enter a problem-solving session X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Rdf2GoSemanticCore Provides Rdf2Go triple store to KnowWE enabling creation of ontological knowledge   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Table Default markups for tables, also usable by other plugins.   release
KnowWE-Plugin-Tagging Tagging plugin of KnowWE X release

Product ID Title Status
KnowWE-Plugin-TestCase Markups for entering test cases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-TestCases Executing test cases in KnowWE X release
KnowWE-Plugin-Wikicontent-Download Admin-Tool allowing to download the wiki content as a zip file   release
KnowWE-Resources Template files for the KnowWE server engine X release

Commercial Projects (free to use)#

Project Name Contents QA State
d3web-Plugin-ImageMap Allows the annotation of images to be connected with answers of questions   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-AutoComplete A code completion feature for KnowWE markups   release
KnowWE-Plugin-DenkbaresDialog Interactive, web-based interview for running a problem-solving session   release
KnowWE-Plugin-EditMode Special editing mode for KnowWE to allow faster and direct editing an rearranging of the wiki page   release
KnowWE-Plugin-ImageMap see d3web-Plugin-ImageMap   beta
KnowWE-Plugin-Todos A simple plugin to manage todos within the wiki X release


Project Name Corresponds to the name of the Maven project, i.e., the name of the source code project. For simplicity, plugin postfixes are omitted (e.g., *jpf-plugin)
Contents A further description of the contents of this module
QA Under regulation of the project contract. All contracted projects are certainly subject of the quality management system. Non-contracted modules may be subject to changes in the proposed release plan.
State Quality assessment of the project:
no: Not officially included, experimental demo
alpha: Basic functions included, API to be considered as "unstable" documentation partly available/not available mostly untested
beta: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on unit level
release: All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on system level (integration tests) internal processes fully applied (issue management, development process)

Changes concerning compatibility#

The following sections describe changes of this release, that are of importance to users migrating from previous releases:

d3web API#

There are no noteworthy changes to the API of d3web.

d3web #

Changes for the TimeDB functions/operators: equal, unequal, lt, le, gt, ge (==, !=, <, <=, >, >=): In case an empty history is compared with a value, if the history is empty or only contains undefined values, undefined is returned (instead of true, like before).


No relevant changes.