d3web - The Open-Source Diagnostic Platform#

d3web introduces the open-source diagnostic platform, being able to apply different problem solving methodologies at the same time. The platform d3web contains a set of applications and modules for developing knowledge, testing knowledge and finally applying the knowledge onto a given problem situation. It is based on a highly efficient, multi-language diagnostic engine, used in a wide range of industrial, gouvernemental and non-commercial projects.

Upcoming Events#

We are looking ahead for some special dates coming up next:
  • 2012-12-17 Community Event - Releasing the new website of d3web
  • 2013-04-17 Maintenance Release based on "d3web Mystique"


Create new home screen of the d3web wiki.
Volker Belli
KnowWE is a Semantic Wiki for the development of knowledge-based applications.

Examples and Documentation#

  • Take a quick demo by visiting the car faults diagnosis demo: This knowledge base uses scoring rules to derive the particular fault of a car.
  • For graphical knowledge modeling you may have a look at the BMI Demo: It is a small knowledge base calculating the Demo Body-Mass-Index by using DiaFlux models.
  • The commercial plugin TimeDB supports temporal reasoning; have a look at the small temperature progression demo.
  • Browse the documentation and learn how to insert wiki content and knowledge markup.


The standard KnowWE installation comes with the standard file provider, that does not support version control of the wiki content. You can change the file provider as well as other configurations (e.g., the folder of the wiki content, the encoding, or the style templates) in the file


Use a standard text editor to modify the file.

System Requirements#

Installation of d3web/KnowWE requires the Java Platform, Standard Edition JDK 6 Update 21 or better. For operating systems, the distribution runs with MS-Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6. Linux is not officially supported. We officially support Firefox 3.6 or better but most parts are also working with Google Chrome. Please note, that we do not officially support Internet Explorer at the moment.