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!!! Visualization Templates
Visualization Templates can be used to create visualization patterns for certain classes.
If a template is defined for a certain class, users will have the option to visualize it on usage, by clicking on the instance in the visualization and chosing "Visualize with template ..."
!! Defining templates
Templates are easily defined by using the annotation @isVisTemplateForClass: <class>.\\
The default concept for ConceptVisualization templates is defined by the @concept annotation.\\
__Please be aware that only one template should be defined per page!__
The example below demonstrates the definition of a ConceptVisualization template for the class si:Human, having si:homer as default concept and will visualize relations between a given si:human instance and other si:human instances.
@concept: si:homer
@rankDir: BT
@showRedundant: false
@isVisTemplateForClass: si:Human
! Template for class si:Human
[VisualizationTemplateHuman] is a template for all instances of class si:Human.