Diaflux is a graphical workflow authoring plugin for KnowWE.
It is used to model complex problems in an easy to read and understandable fashion.

Syntax and Semantic

An Diaflux workflow is defined inside the markup DiaFlux


Diaflux Editor#

The Diaflux workflow may be edited using the Visual Editor.

Diaflux elements#

  • Start node: entry point for a DiaFlux
  • Exit node: exit point of a DiaFlux
  • Action node: select a question, solution, or other flowchart and model an interaction with this it.
  • Comment node: use this node to provide annotations to transitions or nodes.
  • SnapShot node: used to inhibit the truth maintainance to reverse decisions before this snapshot. (Behaves like a diode.)

Editor tools

  • Save flowchart and close editor
  • Revert changes
  • Close editor (without saving)
  • Delete flowchart

Best Practices

  • A DiaFlux flowchart shall have a unique name.
  • One flowchart needs to be checked for Autostart. (That is where a session workflow will start.)
  • Do not overload a single flowchart. Model rather small parts and reference them in a parent flowchart.
    Rule of thumb: Not more than a monitors field of view.
  • Use commend nodes (light blue) to structure flows/arrows.

Terminology of DiafluxExample #

0.01 a simple example knowledgebase.d3web

input - user_inputs -- ambient_temperature [num] {°C}