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d3web/KnowWE Releases so far#

Release Date Name Changes Comment
2012-10-30 Mystique Fast and beautiful Winter Release
2012-04-30 Sherlock Solves every case Spring Release
2011-12-20 Leeloo Came to save the world Winter Release
2011-05-06 Q Working on Quality and Gadgets Spring Release
2010-12-15 Moneypenny She is willing, but is not allowed to get on it. Beta
2010-09-09 Hancock d3web
* New problem-solving engines can be added using the new plug-in architecture.
* Offers problem-solving methods for heuristic scoring rules, extensible covering models, abstraction rules, and indication rules.
* Loading and storing performed problem-solving sessions.
* Empirical testing testing feature that runs test cases to evaluate a knowledge base.
* (Experimental) version of a temporal database storing and reasoning with sequential system inputs.
* (Experimental) DiaFlux engine for representing and running guideline knowledge
* Extensions for defining knowledge bases using rule-based and set-covering knowledge.
* Plugin for running test cases within the wiki.
* (Experimental) version of markups to define time-values events and abstractions.
* denkbares Dialog for running test cases interactively (as preview).


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