Rdf2Go is a Plugin for KnowWE.

The following projects are relevant for this module.

No ontology found! The package 'default' is not used to compile an ontology.

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def Rdf2Go > TimeDB type:: Module def KnowWE-Plugin-RDF2GoSemanticCore def KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-Basic def KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-SubclassingTree def KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-TestCase def KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-TurtleN3 def KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-WikiObjectModel

> KnowWE-Plugin-RDF2GoSemanticCore partOf:: Rdf2Go > KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-Basic partOf:: Rdf2Go > KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-SubclassingTree partOf:: Rdf2Go > KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-TestCase partOf:: Rdf2Go > KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-TurtleN3 partOf:: Rdf2Go > KnowWE-Plugin-RDFS-WikiObjectModel partOf:: Rdf2Go

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