Product Ontology#

Quality assessment of the modules:#

no Not officially included, experimental demo
alpha Basic functions included, API to be considered as unstable documentation partly available/not available mostly untested
beta All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on unit level
release All functions are included documentation available functionality tested on system level (integration tests) internal processes fully applied (issue management, development process)

Module-Plugin implementation

  • Jenkins-Plugin to upload Plugin/Module information
    • SVN:
    • Download jenkins war and add to tomcat
    • Get hello world plugin and import into new workspace
    • Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration does not matter, it is just ugly
    • Maven install hello world plugin
    • Copy hello-world.jar to WEB-INF\lib
    • Copy hello-world.hpi to WEB-INF\plugins
    • Start tomcat/jenkins
    • Hello world plugin will be available as post step option
    • Start implementing new plugin to upload build data to page as a attachment
    • Some additional code snipplets on how to upload files to a KnowWE Action
    • Provide information needed for module pages
Alex Legler

Used Ontology#

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