This is a basic demo about how to use and compile multiple packages into the same knowledge base. The basic scenario is described here. The common package lifeExpectancy and more specifics for this demo are described here.

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Defining the package#

As mentioned, we add this page to the package japan


Adding knowledge#

First we define the current life expectancy in japan using the %%Constant markup.

"Life expectancy in Japan"
= 87

Let's calculate our remaining life expectancy based on our age using the %%Variable markup.

"Years to life according to life expectancy"
"Life expectancy in Japan"

Compiling and testing the resulting knowledge base#

Here we define the knowledge base using/compiling two of our three packages:

Life expectancy calculator (Japan)

Quick Interview#

If not specified otherwise (by using the @package annotation), the %%QuickInterview markup will show the content of the first knowledge base, which uses/compiles the package of this page, in this case package japan.

Years to life according to life expectancy