Packages can be used to define knowledge in KnowWE on different articles. Knowledge markups like Questions and Rules can be added to certain packages and the packages can later be added/compiled to a knowledge base. By default, all markups are in the package "default" which is also the package compiled by default by a KnowledgeBase.

Also, ontologies are defined within the package mechanism.

There are different ways to use packages other than the default package.

All markups of one article in the same package#

By adding the following markup (in an arbitrary position on the article) the entire page including all markups are added to the package with the specified name myPackageName. The @package annotations shown below are then no longer necessary, but can be used to add the specific markup section to another package (as the one given with ~KnowledgeBases and Ontologies defined on articles with such a package markup will also be compiling that specified package, as long as nothing else is specified using the @uses annotation.

%%Package myPackageName

Single markups of one article in different packages#

When you want to put the markups on one article into different packages, you need to specifiy the package name within each markup. Almost all knowledge markups support the annotation "@package: myPackageName".

Example: The following questions are put into the package name myPackageName.

Quest A
- question1 [oc]
-- answer1
-- answer2 

@package: myPackageName

Compiling knowledge within a package#

After adding knowledge to a certain package, the package can be compiled to a certain knowledge base using the following markup.


@uses: myPackageName

The knowledge base downloadable in this markup will then only contain the knowledge defined for the used package. It is also possible to compile multiple markups and to add knowledge markups to multiple packages.

Alternatively, ontology definitions can be comiled by using the markup


@uses: myPackageName

Using multiple packages for the same knowledge base or ontology#

It is also possible to add/compile multiple packages in the same %%KnowledgeBase or %%Ontology markup. This way, it is for example possible to have a package common defining some common terminology. Then there can be different packages for different domains, let call them domain1 and domain2. Together with the package common, they will each come together in knowledge base or ontology, e.g. by using the following:


@uses: common
@uses: domain1

Check out the following demo pages to see such a configuration in action: Multi-Package Demo

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