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Fix error in test "Leaking air intake system (Demo)".

Review this page.

  • Describe: What is a product, application and module?
  • Describe actual products / applications
Albrecht Striffler CLOSED

Developer How-Tos

  • How to develop javascript in KnowWE without restarting after every change
Daniel Zügner CLOSED

Developer How-Tos

  • How to create your own workspace (transfer and update from uni page)
Daniel Zügner CLOSED

Developer How-Tos

  • How to add js and css files to your project
Lukas Brehl CLOSED

Developer How-Tos

  • How do extensions and extensionpoints work
  • How do I use the scope of an extension?
Lukas Brehl CLOSED

Start this page by adding some headlines, table of contents, some introductory words. Every How-To gets its own little section with a short description who the How-To shows and then a link to the page with the actual how to
Lukas Brehl CLOSED

Set this page up, add table of contents and some introductory words. Every question is its own small headline with the answer directly below.
Christian Henniger DEFERRED

Check for usefull stuff to add to How-Tos and/or FAQ. Go through page index.
Daniel Zügner CLOSED

Write Testing-App description.
Jochen Reutelshöfer CLOSED

Improve this page... more examples, more complete (eval(...) an such)
Tim Baier-Loewenstein CLOSED

List example knowledge bases from tutorials here and add a short description for each.
Tim Baier-Loewenstein CLOSED

Developer FAQ

Daniel Zügner CLOSED

Developer Wiki

  • d3web Code snipplets: Example for (use Uni and release notes)
    • Load knowledge base (and save)
    • Create a new Session
    • Run a session and read derived solutions
    • Save session / load session
Markus Friedrich CLOSED

Developer Wiki

  • Description: d3web package and module structure
Markus Friedrich CLOSED

Developer How-Tos

  • How to create your own plugin project (transfer and update from uni page, add some pictures and stuff)
Johanna Latt CLOSED

Developer FAQ

Christian Henniger CLOSED

Rework the page and re-link the downloads to sourceforge.
Lukas Brehl CLOSED

CareMate: Check, whether movie can be put on the web page and write a small success story. Volker unterstützt
Constantin Rieder CLOSED

Create new home screen of the d3web wiki.
Volker Belli CLOSED

Revise/update this page and linked pages. Is it complete and up to date? At first glance:

  • Packages
  • AbstractionTable
  • Todos
  • See tags page
  • ...
Check (e.g. with autocomplete) if all markups have a docu page. Write (or find somebody to write) docu if missing.
Carsten Wasner CLOSED

Describe the actual modules

  • Create new articles for complex modules with multiple plugins
  • Use ontology descriptions for "included plugins", "quality level", "license"
  • Describe/define quality level
  • Simple modules are not defined manually... all plugins that are not part of a complex module are simple modules aggregated on one page, probably using a sparql query or an own KnowWE-Plugin
Markus Friedrich CLOSED

Developer Wiki

  • KnowWE code snipplets
    • How to define your own markup (derived from DefaultMarkup)
    • How to define your own CI test
    • TerminologyManager
    • Sections & Types
Jochen Reutelshöfer CLOSED

Write description of Droid3web-App, some screenshots.
Sebastian Furth CLOSED

Module-Plugin implementation

  • Design ontologie about module information. We want for example the following information per module:
    • What maven modules / svn projects are part of this module (will be defined on the module page with turtle markup)
    • What projects are not in any complex/aggregated module
    • What are the last x changes to any project of a module
    • What is the heat of the module (changes/day in the last month?)
    • What are the test stats for the module
    • General stats, if possible? LoC, Classes, BuildNumber
    • Authors (people who created modules, changed them)
    • More interesting stuff?
  • Write KnowWE-Plugin to add data provided by Jenkins-Plugin to the rdf2go model.
  • If there is time: Write KnowWE-Plugin to render module information from rdf2go model in a nicer way. If there is no time: Use default SparqlRenderer
Sebastian Furth CLOSED

KnowME auf der sourceforge-d3web Seite entfernen, durch KnowWE ersetzen. Generell sourceforge durchschauen, Links auf usw...
Jochen Reutelshöfer CLOSED


  1. Find Screencast tool: Camtasia (Uni?), Screenflow
  2. Evaluate Screencast-Tool
  3. Use printer fault diagnosis example (show pages, browse knowledge)
Stefan Plehn CLOSED


  • add articles for the different licenses and link them
  • d3web-KnowWE-Releases contain all used licenses...
Albrecht Striffler DEFERRED

WimVent success story
Reinhard Hatko CLOSED

Fix external link. The link gets corrupted by a Plugin-In or JSPWiki...

Fix list. Probably a JSPWiki-Markup Bug...