d3web KnowWE Releases#

The latest stable release can always be downloaded at SourceForge: Download (SourceForge)

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Release Date Name Version
2013-04-26 MacGyver 7.0
2012-10-30 Mystique 6.0
2012-04-30 Sherlock 5.0
2011-12-20 Leeloo 4.0
2011-05-06 Q 3.0
2010-12-15 Moneypenny Beta
2010-09-09 Hancock Preview

d3web Mobile-Application#

The Mobile-Application has now release cycle like d3web KnowWE, but we will provide versions compatible with the current d3web KnowWE relase. While d3web KnowWE is platform independent, the Mobile-Application is not. So sure to use the correct download.


Mac OSX#


The releases linked on this page are licensed under LGPL.
For optional commercial extensions, please contact denkbares.
Further information regarding licencing: FAQ: Licensing