The reasoning engine and persistence components for problem-solving knowledge including decision trees, (heuristic) rules, set-covering models and diagnostic flowcharts (LGPL, optional commercial extensions).

KnowWE (Knowledge Wiki Environment)#

As the successor of KnowME the system KnowWE (Knowledge Wiki Environment) offeres a web-based wiki front-end for the knowledge acquisition and supports the collaborative engineering of knowledge at different formalization levels (LGPL, optional commercial extensions).

Dialog Applications#

  • ProKEt: Prototyping of knowledge-based dialog systems (LGPL).
  • Mobile-App: Application allowing to use d3web problem solving knowledge in a stand alone application (free to use).
  • Droid3web-App: Application allowing to use d3web problem solving knowledge on your mobile device (free to use).

Knowledge Engineering Tools#

  • KnowledgeBaseBook: Generates a DocBook XML file of an executable d3web knowledge base, i.e., the knowledge base book. The DocBook XML can be used for further transformations. The application produces a PDF printout (commercial application).
  • WUMPS: Knowledge acquisition based on Office documents (LGPL).
  • KnowWE-Headless-App: An version of KnowWE without the normally underlying web server. It can be used to produced d3web knowledge bases from wiki pages in a batch process (LGPL).
  • Testing-App: Allows to continuously run specified tests on a d3web knowledge base in development (commercial application).

Modules (under construction)#

Modules are the different parts of the main products and applications

Complex modules#


  • add articles for the different licenses and link them
  • d3web-KnowWE-Releases contain all used licenses...
Albrecht Striffler

Module-Plugin implementation

  • Jenkins-Plugin to upload Plugin/Module information
    • SVN:
    • Download jenkins war and add to tomcat
    • Get hello world plugin and import into new workspace
    • Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration does not matter, it is just ugly
    • Maven install hello world plugin
    • Copy hello-world.jar to WEB-INF\lib
    • Copy hello-world.hpi to WEB-INF\plugins
    • Start tomcat/jenkins
    • Hello world plugin will be available as post step option
    • Start implementing new plugin to upload build data to page as a attachment
    • Some additional code snipplets on how to upload files to a KnowWE Action
    • Provide information needed for module pages
Alex Legler

Product Ontology#

Quality assessment of the modules:#